Spiritual Warfare - Sowing

Spiritual Warfare - Sowing

We wrestle against the spiritual forces of evil. This includes everyone: man, woman, and child. This isn't just believers. It includes people who are not believers and do not become believers.

We are at a significant disadvantage fighting a spiritual war against a spiritual enemy. We usually align our lives by what we perceive through our physical senses. Our physical senses are useless in a spiritual war.

Jesus, the Word of God, and the Spirit of Truth reveal the spiritual war to us. They tell us how the enemy fights against us and how to resist and overcome him. Their teaching is essential to help us win the spiritual war and walk the path that leads to life.

We are part of this war. Spiritual Warfare: Sowing will examine the details of God's teaching on the sowing aspect of spiritual war. These details will help us align our lives with God's sowing of his Word into our hearts. They will also help us align our lives resisting Satan's sowing of his seed into our hearts and his attacks against the Word God sows into our hearts.

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Introduction: Download, Listen

Part One - Seeds of Life and Seeds of Death: Download, Listen

Part Two - Where the Seed Is Sown: Download, Listen

Part Three - What the Seed Is: Download, Listen

Part Four - Who Sows the Seed: Download, Listen

Part Five - How and When the Seed Is Sown: Download, Listen

Part Six - Why Spiritual Seed Is Sown: Download, Listen

Part Seven - How We Fight the Sowing War: Download, Listen

Part Eight - Summary: Download, Listen

Part Nine - Real-Life Examples: Download, Listen