What Is Prayer?

Prayer is a process available to us to interact with God. The purpose of prayer might be to interact with God, or to work with him to produce a change in the earth. Through prayer we give God thanks, praise, glory, and honor. We intercede with God to postpone or reduce the severity of judgment. God works with us in prayer to change us. We work with God in prayer to receive from God or produce other results.

The steps to perform these processes successfully differ depending on the purpose of the prayer. Prayer to interact with God requires one set of steps, prayer to change judgement requires a different set of steps, prayer to change ourselves another, prayer to receive from God another, and prayer to produce other results still another.

Every type of prayer is a wrestling against spiritual forces arrayed to prevent the prayer from producing results. Results in prayer are produced by the power of God - the Word of God, not by us.

If we are to perfect prayer we need to take the steps that fit the purpose of the prayer and overcome the forces that hinder prayer. Failing to follow the right steps is one of the main reasons we fail in prayer.

Prayer is applying the power of the Word of God according to spiritual law to produce results.