Faith Proven True Faith

When we pray, our faith will be tested and proven to be true faith sufficient to receive the results prayed for, or proven insufficient.

James describes the process in the first chapter of James.

Measure it as complete joy when the winds of trials blow upon you for you know that the winds of trials are the means by which your faith is tested and proved to be true faith and that this results in patience/steadfastness (single minded will and strength to resist the enemy’s attempts to cause you to give up on God). Be sure to let patience/steadfastness grow to maturity (increase to endure the strongest winds of trials without surrendering even a ripple) so that you may overcome the enemy and receive everything you need from God to be mature and complete in all things: not surrendering the lack of any thing to the enemy. 

For example: If any person lacks wisdom (does not know the right path to take, the right sources to rely on, the right things to do, the right things to say, the right things to think), let that person ask God who gives without wavering to all people generously, and God will give it without hesitation or condition. But that person must ask with true faith (relying on God as the only source of wisdom and trusting him completely to provide it) with no doubting (relying on other sources or giving up on God). When the winds of trials blow upon the person who doubts, they are like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed between relying on God, giving up on him, and relying on another source. The person who is like that is not patient/steadfast (single minded, with the will and the strength to resist the enemy’s attack). That person is double minded and unstable in all their ways. Their faith is not true faith and when it is tested it is proved to be false and not the steady true faith needed to overcome the enemy and receive from God. That person must not think that they will receive anything from God. That person won’t receive the things from God that they need to be mature and complete in all things: they surrender to the enemy without putting up much resistance.

So, trials that test your faith and prove it genuine are part of the process of receiving what you need from God to be mature and complete in all things: this is a joyful thing, not a grievous thing.

The key to spiritual maturity and being supplied by God with all things spiritual and material is faith that is proven to be true faith.