Spiritual Car Repair

I had attended a minister’s conference in Tennessee and was on my way back home. During the conference one of my roommates commented that he sensed God’s anointing on me. I didn’t sense it and really had no experience with respect to God’s anointing and how to sense it.

While driving back to Michigan I was listening to praise music and praising God when I felt spiritual energy boil up inside of me. It built up beyond what I could contain. I didn’t know what else to do so I laid my hand on the dashboard of my car and prayed in tongues.

Why lay hands on the dashboard of my car? Well, I was driving and it was there. The cruise control hadn’t worked on the car for several months and I had the thought that maybe the power in that particular prayer would fix it. I really didn’t know what God was doing. I just had to release the energy that had built up within me and I was driving my car at the time.

Like I said, the cruise control had not been working for several months. I had tried it, but it didn’t work on the drive down from Michigan to Tennessee. After the prayer I didn’t think any more about it until my right leg got tired. I decided to try the cruise control - and it worked! It kept working. 

I had to get out of cruise control while driving through Cincinnati. There was some thought of not risking going out of cruise control, but I figured I had to have faith that it was fixed and would work when I was able to use it again.

When I got to open road North of Cincinnati I was ready to use the cruise control again. Now I thought about what my thinking should be. I decided that when I resumed cruise control I should do so with no more thought than I would have if it had always been working. I shouldn’t wonder if it would work. This was expressing faith that it would work. This is typical of how one would express faith to keep what God had restored. Expect it to be there.

I pressed the resume button and the cruise control took over again. The cruise control worked all the rest of the time I had that car.