Progressive Food Allergy

A member of a church I attended testified that God had healed her of a progressive food allergy.

According to her testimony she had been diagnosed with a food allergy. At first she was allergic to one or two foods, but over time became allergic to other foods - foods that she had eaten all her life with no problems. She got to where the only thing she could eat without a strong allergic reaction was some crackers and water.

She described how she grew in faith to receive healing. One day she would hear one thing and the next day she would hear something that added to the first. Over a matter of a few days her faith grew until she believed she was healed.

She told her husband that she was healed - and she was hungry. Being healed meant she could eat whatever she wanted. So she and her husband went to a steakhouse and had a good meal - one that she could not have eaten before she was healed. She expressed her faith that she was healed by eating food that would have made her sick if she hadn’t been healed and she had no allergic reaction.